About The Onion

Who is The Conversational Onion?

I am sure there are random drive by readers that will be scratching they’re heads in earnest wondering exactly “what is the story behind this onion thing?”.  So here is a quick intro on how The Conversational Onion came to be! Or you can jump to the blog here.

Those that know me will laugh, it all started with cooking!  I reached into the basket of onions while making a soup and produced an onion that had not only sprouted but the sprout was around 14 inches tall!  While most normies would simply toss the onion or cut the sprout and use what was still good; this ADHD brain immediately jumped to thoughts of planting it, simply snapping pictures, and then…. “no wait I’m going to preserve this”.

I spent hours attempting to acheive a professional finish!

And so it began as I grabbed a bucket of epoxy polyeurethane and a brush onion in hand off I was to the patio.  I spent hours attempting to acheive a professional finish!  When all was said and done everyone had the same question “what are you going to do with it?”.  Quite simply, use it as a tabletop conversation piece!

An onion was born!

“Hah, The Conversational Onion” my wife exclaimed through her laugher while I was busy trying to get it to stand on it’s own in the center of the kitchen table.  My stepdaughter simply rolled her eyes while my grandson was quite happily helping me to brace the strange veggie.  For no reason what so ever that evening I decided on a whim that if I were ever to return to any online community this would become my persona.  Several hours later, The Conversational Onion became an entity of it’s own.

You might have remembered that a few years ago I all but wiped my online presence from the world; this included several social media pages and of course, a wordpress blog.  Of all the things I miss, I missed the blog the most and the new persona gave me a second lease on this outlet.  While the onion sat in dormant state for several months I finally decided to take it out of the bin and present it’s random musings for whomever might happen across this strange strange world of “blar”.

If anyone is curious, the “real” Conversational Onion lasted about two months before finally rotting from the inside and going “squishy”.  With luck the online Conversational Onion lasts much much longer!

oO-The Conversational Onion-Oo